“We have previously made this voyage in the opposite direction -- a journey over sea and land, some might say -- and it was a delight. We stopped at a coffee house shaped like a coffee pot which was baller. The vibes were immaculate (for most of the trip, we're humans too) and we listened to ok computer over and over again for eight hours. What a blast! ”

“So pleased to have this forum! The response was great and I was able to find great new team members. ”

“i sold it on facebook marketplace.”

Jeremy Baier '22 shared this story on April 8, 2020

Selling my roommate's mini-fridge

“Thanks everyone for the great responses!”

Julie Hoffmann shared this story on December 8, 2019

Graduation Weekend Housing

“Thanks to those Kenyon parents and current students who were helpful! Much love!”

“Found multiple people who loved Chipotle as much as I do last year! Hope to have some takers this year as well”

John Apsley '22 shared this story on September 5, 2019

Free Chipotle Offer

“Had great success with this post. Many people respond and now we have several options not only for Parent Weekend in October but also for the future! Many thanks to all respondents. ”

“We have hired a great candidate and look forward to getting started!”

“We found an intern! Thanks everyone for applying!”

“Fantastic. I got multiple responses to my request within a few days!”

Adrienne Kahn '22 shared this story on September 2, 2018

Housing during Family Weekend 10/19-10/21

“Thank you - very helpful! ”

“I got a ride! It all worked out perfectly!”

“I have received many responses with advice from alumni! It makes me appreciate what an amazing, active alumni community we have!”

Carly McDonald '20 shared this story on March 1, 2018

Question for alums...

“I sold the sofa and loveseat very quickly...thanks to Switchboard and the Kenyon community.  Thanks!”

Connie Miller shared this story on February 9, 2018

Sofa and Loveseat For Sale

“The rooms have been rented. Thanks everyone!”

Tristan Neviska '13 shared this story on October 11, 2017

Family Weekend Housing Available

“Thank you Switchboard, my items sold within hours!”

Scott Baker shared this story on October 9, 2017

Bedroom dresser and nightstand available

“Found a good home for our houseplant. Thanks, Switchboard!”

Scott Baker shared this story on September 24, 2017

Tall houseplant available to good home

“Kenyon grads seem to be related to editors!”

“"We hired three Kenyon students for paid summer internships... the students are getting a remarkable experience in health care - two are convinced this is the field they want and one has learned it is not.  All good outcomes and the reason students should do internships... I can only hope other parents step forward to offer internships to Kenyon students." -Joan Kwiatkowski, P'18”

Sam Larson '17 shared this story on July 17, 2017

Summer Internship in RI

“After posting the internship, I received a number of emails and responses from people interested in the opportunity, connecting with a Kenyon alum and my company in general.   The intern we selected was from Kenyon and has help us immensely this summer.  It's a good experience for students wanting get experience in different companies and I am happy to offer the opportunity.  ”

Scott Mabry '90 shared this story on July 15, 2017

Summer Internship in Logistics in DC area