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I am Scott Baker. I started Kenyon College Switchboard so that Kenyonites could help each other out.

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Abby Armato


Abby Armato


Abby Armato


Abby Armato


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by Abby on Feb 14, 2017

Class of 2017 Premiere!

Come celebrate graduation and learn more about post-grad life with the Alumni Engagement Team, CDO, and Kenyon Alumni Association! 2/17 (5-7pm) - Wine Tasting for the Senior Class! Meet the Alumni Engagement Team and the CDO for some wine and hors d'oeurves. Members of the senior class host committee will talk about what to expect for the Premiere.  Peirce Pub. Casual dress. 2/24 (6pm sharp) - Cocktails and Dinner with Alumni! Come meet some alumni from around the country who want to help you with your post-graduation plans. From offering advice to providing contacts, these alums can help you get where you want to go after May 20th!  Gund Commons. Business attire recommended. Cost: None! But you must pre-register (no walk-ins) Attire: Keep it casual for the wine tasting, business attire recommended for the cocktails! RSPV: To RSVP and learn more about the Premiere events, visit

by Ben on Feb 21, 2017

Trivia at the Village Inn!

Come on down for weekly trivia at the Village Inn this Wednesday (2/22) at 10:15 PM! This week's theme is "Psychology," and we'll have special prizes for the winner brought to you by Kenyon's Psych Club.

by Frances on Feb 19, 2017

Boston Housing - Spring Break

Hello! My friend and I are both international students and are using this Spring Break as an opportunity to travel around the east coast.  We will arrive in Boston on Monday 13th March and are looking for a place stay for a few nights, before returning back to Ohio. If you are able to provide housing in the city/ know of a good place to stay - it would be much appreciated! We are both, female, clean and very responsible, if this helps!  Thank you in advance. Frances '18.

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